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Skyla can make a difference in markets old and new. Connect with us to explore partnerships for Hyderabad, Bengaluru, Pune and Goa.

Skyla Service Apartments Hyderabad

Managing and operating properties under Skyla and welcome long-term lease or fixed-management contracts.

Premium Apartment Building’s


Premium Studio Apartment Building’s

To maintain consistency & quality of service, we strictly adhere to our brand standards. Skyla is also open to co-development with local partners, and we look forward to hearing from interested parties.



  1. We would like to engage in Green field, BTS and ready to move in brand new properties.
  2. Mid-rise properties which can house 50-100 rooms
  3. We prefer standalone properties over properties within communities.
  4. Independent Premium Apartment buildings to be Located in Lively posh residential neighbourhood.
  5. Premium Studio Apartment Building’s to be located in CBD.

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